Inform Player Suite Products

    The Inform Player Suite hosts a number of products, which are explained briefly below. For more information, click on the product's name to link to more information including business use cases, example embed code, and demos.

    • Single player — most commonly used video player, which plays video specified by video ID, by playlist ID, or by Inform Player Suite's placement manager (Perfect Pixel)
    • Inline player — a video player accompanied by a carousel of thumbnails below it so that other videos may be selected from its populated playlist of videos. This product is often used on section front pages and monetizes these pages through rich-media monetization (RMM).
    • InView ad placement — placed intermittently between article content on a page. This product remains hidden until scrolled into view when it then expands and begins playback of an ad. Once the ad playback completes, the product collapses so that it no longer takes up any space within an article's content.
    • Slider — comfortably seated in a website's right rail, this product previews video playback via rich-media monetization (RMM) then transitions into a carousel of thumbnail images that when clicked launch a new video player in a modal window to begin content playback with an accompanying pre-roll ad
    • Perfect Pixel placement — placeholder embed code that may be placed multiple times within an article that remains hidden and only become an embedded product when activated by Inform Player Suite's placement manager (Perfect Pixel)