InView Ad Placement

    This product is placed intermittently between article content on a page remains hidden until scrolled into view when it then expands and begins playback of an ad. Once the ad playback completes (or when an ad is not available), the product collapses so that it no longer takes up any space within an article's body of content.

    Config Settings

    The list of config settings that are recognized vary depending on what type of product is being embedded. For this product, the following config settings are available:

    • type — specifies this product is an InView ad placement by providing the value "InView"
    • trackingGroup — specifies the distribution partner's tracking group used for reporting; this config setting is critical in associating distribution partners with their revenue
    • width — optionally specifies the width of the product, measured in pixels; if not provided, the width defaults to 100% of its parent container

    Use Cases

    General Embed Code