Inline Player

    This product is a video player accompanied by a carousel of thumbnails below it so that other videos may be selected from its populated playlist of videos. This product is often used on section front pages and monetizes these pages through rich-media monetization (RMM).

    Config Settings

    The list of config settings that are recognized vary depending on what type of product is being embedded. For this product, the following config settings are available:

    • type — specifies this product is an Inline player by providing the value "VideoPlayer/Inline"
    • configId — specifies an ID pertaining to a set of default config settings generated within DME
    • trackingGroup — specifies the distribution partner's tracking group used for reporting; this config setting is critical in associating distribution partners with their revenue
    • siteSection — specifies the section this product is being placed within a distribution partner's website, this is used for analytics purposes
    • playlistId — specifies a playlist ID (of a playlist created within DME) of videos to play
    • videoId — specifies a video ID of the first video to be loaded into the video player

    Embed Code

    Video Specified by Video ID

    The most straight-forward way the Inline player is used is by explicitly specifying the video ID of the video to get loaded first into the video player. This is accomplished by providing the "videoId" config setting along with the other needed config settings used for tracking as seen in the embed code shown below:

    Video Specified by Playlist ID

    In addition to specifying a specific video to get loaded first into the video player, the first video within a playlist may be used instead. This is accomplished by specifying a playlist with the "playlistId" config setting, not using the "videoId" config setting, and using all other needed config settings used for tracking as seen in the embed code shown below:

    The "videoId" and "playlistId" config settings may be used together as well so that after the video specified by the "videoId" config setting is finished playing, the first video within the playlist specified (by the "playlistId" config setting) begins playing. Examle embed code is shown below: