Seated comfortably in a website's right rail, this product previews video playback via rich-media monetization (RMM) then transitions into a carousel of thumbnail images that when clicked launch a new video player in a modal window to begin content playback with an accompanying pre-roll ad.

    Config Settings

    The list of config settings that are recognized vary depending on what type of product is being embedded. For this product, the following config settings are available:

    • type — specifies this product is a Slider by providing the value "VideoLauncher/Slider"
    • configId — specifies an ID pertaining to a set of default config settings generated within DME
    • trackingGroup — specifies the distribution partner's tracking group used for reporting; this config setting is critical in associating distribution partners with their revenue
    • siteSection — specifies the section this product is being placed within a distribution partner's website, this is used for analytics purposes
    • playlistId — specifies a playlist ID (of a playlist created within DME) of videos to play

    Embed Code

    Videos Specified by Playlist ID

    Using videos from a playlist specified by the "playlistId" config setting, this product provides a carousel of rotating images that when clicked on, launch a new video player within a modal window.

    Flexible Size

    This product sits comfortably in a website's right rail and automatically adjusts to fill the horizontal space (from 300 to 350 pixels) that it is given.

    For example, if this product is embedded within a container element with a width of only 300 pixels or less, the product fills its minimum width of 300 pixels. If the product is placed within a container that is a width between 300 and 350 pixels (say 330 pixels for example), then the product only fills said space. If the product is placed within a container that is a width of 350 pixels or greater, then the product fills its maximum width of 350 pixels.